20 Apr

GoFundMe campaign is currently looking for donations to fund the creation of an Indigenous suicide prevention app. When a young Lajamanu man committed suicide in 2005, the Lajamanu community elders established the Milpirri festival to spread the traditional ideas of ‘Kurdiji’ (shield) among their young people and to foster a sense of belonging. They began to combat the Indigenous suicide epidemic and fight for every single young indigenous life in their community. There hasn’t been a suicide in Lajamanu since 2005.

Now those same elders want to bring Kurdiji into the digital age, with a community created app based on stories, ceremonies and law. They want to fight for all aboriginal lives, not just those in remote or traditional communities. Kurdiji guards against youth suicide by reinforcing high self-worth before suicidal thoughts occur. It is the shield that keeps young indigenous people safe from the problems of living in and around white society. Kurdiji connects people to their culture, their community, and country.

For more information on this amazing initiative, how the app works and to make a donation, visit their GoFundMe page.