The research pathways we take are not the same – there are many different life and career paths that bring Indigenous people to consider careers in research.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are under-represented among researchers, higher degree research student enrolments, and completions.  We need highly skilled and motivated Indigenous researchers to meet the compelling research needs of our communities.

NIRAKN is charged with helping create pathways for Indigenous researchers from undergraduate to postgraduate studies, establishing a pipeline of new researchers across institutions, disciplines and areas of critical research importance.  Part of our agenda is to build Indigenous researcher expertise.

Whether you are an established academic or just beginning to think about options for research or further study, there are NIRAKN events and activities that may be relevant to you.

If you are…

an Undergraduate student or Community Researcher

You might be interested in attending an upcoming Postgraduate Expo – these events are held twice a year at NIRAKN affiliated Universities around the country, and provide information about postgraduate study options, as well as scholarships and other resources.

Keep an eye out for details of NIRAKN’s Undergraduate Essay competition and Undergraduate Research Placements. You might also be interested in some of our upcoming public seminars and symposiums, or some of the other research links and resources we can provide. Sign up as a Friend of NIRAKN to ensure you do not miss out on details of our upcoming events and activities.

If you are contemplating a PhD, there are annual ‘Beginning Candidacy’ workshops held across the universities.

a Current Postgraduate Student or Early Career Researcher

You might be interested in NIRAKN’s research and capacity building program.

All Indigenous research students are entitled to become members of our NIRAKN Postgrads group, which ensures that you have access to NIRAKN activities – including our Capacity Building workshops, Critical Reading Groups, Masterclasses, plus all other mentoring and support programs.  You will also be invited and supported to attend NIRAKN symposiums, seminars, conferences, and other important research opportunities.

an Experienced Researcher

You might be interested in participating in NIRAKN’s Research Program.  NIRAKN provides a platform for cross-institutional and multidisciplinary Indigenous research, as well as access to a highly respected international network of scholars and researchers.

Indigenous researchers who were not part of the initial funding application can apply to become an Affiliate Member in order to participate in network research and activities.  In the meantime, sign up as a Friend of NIRAKN to ensure you don’t miss any information about our symposiums, seminars and conferences, and other important research opportunities.

NIRAKN can help you on your Research Pathway, with…

Our Capacity Building Program

NIRAKN mentors, supports, and engages Indigenous researchers across disciplines and institutions through an extensive Capacity Building Program, which builds foundational and higher level skills.  The Capacity Building Program involves introductory level Capacity Building workshops delivered locally at participating institutions, an annual series of more advanced National Capacity Building workshops, Indigenous Research Methodologies Masterclasses, critical reading groups, research residencies, access to networking, mentoring, and other professional resources, and more.

NIRAKN Research Program

NIRAKN’s Research Program provides a platform for cross-institutional and multidisciplinary Indigenous research.  The research efforts of NIRAKN’s four research Nodes and the network Hub are geared towards producing measurable high quality research, driven by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander knowledges, to meet the compelling research needs of our communities.  In addition to high quality original research and publications, NIRAKN also fosters engagement with Indigenous research and knowledges across the sector through international research collaborations, symposiums, and seminars.

See our events calendar for details of upcoming activities and events.