About Indigenous Sociology & Knowledges


Building empirical knowledges around key social phenomena including education, labour market, socio-economic and demographic position, social policy and family are the foci of this Node’s research activities. The Indigenous Sociology node’s initial research program is a set of three pilot projects. These are: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ICT usage, official Indigenous issue enquiries 1983-2013, and education for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Node leaders will deliver research capacity building workshops on an annual basis.

Professor Maggie Walter

Professor Walter teaches and researches in the School of Sociology and Social Work at the University of Tasmania. She is a descendant of the trawlwoolway people from North Eastern Tasmania.  Her research and publications range across the fields of Critical Indigenous Studies, social research methods, family and Indigenous social policy.

Professor Steve Larkin

PVC Larkin is currently the Pro Vice-Chancellor Indigenous Leadership at Charles Darwin University and Chair of the Indigenous Higher Education Advisory Council.  He is a Kungarakany man from Darwin in the Northern Territory.  Prior to 1995 PVC Larkin worked in urban, rural and remote Aboriginal communities in health and community development programs whilst working with the NT Government.