There are many ways you can become involved in NIRAKN’s activities.

Our website is regularly updated with details of our upcoming events and programs.  You can search this website for the latest NIRAKN news and events, follow our Facebook page, or keep up with us on Twitter.

Become a Friend of NIRAKN

We have a very active ‘Friends of NIRAKN’ email list where we share relevant news.  We regularly communicate with NIRAKN members and friends about scholarships, opportunities to publish, recommended journal editions, events, domestic and international conferences, seminars, bursaries and symposiums.

Everyone is most welcome to become a ‘Friend of NIRAKN’ – email your details to and ask to join!

NIRAKN Postgrads

All Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students enrolled in a Research Higher Degree are eligible to join our list of NIRAKN Postgrads. NIRAKN Postgrads are invited to all NIRAKN activities and events, including our Capacity Building Program, and are eligible to apply to participate.

If you are an Indigenous postgraduate research student, email your details to and ask to join the NIRAKN postgrads list!

Indigenous Researchers – Affiliate Membership

The Director and Management Committee are very keen for NIRAKN to be inclusive, and so they have created a new category of Affiliate Membership of NIRAKN.   Indigenous researchers who were not part of the initial funding application can apply to become an Affiliate Member in order to participate in network research and activities.

If you are interested in becoming an Affiliate Member, you will need to complete and return the Indigenous Researcher Affiliate Membership application form.  This form is modelled on forms that all Network Members completed in applying for the grant to establish the network.  The NIRAKN Management Committee assesses all applications.  More information about the criteria for this assessment – and about Affiliate Membership generally – is set out on the application form.

Please contact us for a copy of the application form.