12 Feb

The Heart Foundation has created a new award for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander groups/individuals who want to work/do research in the cardiovascular health sphere/community called the Heart Foundation Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Award. It is in the format of an expression of interest.

The Heart Foundation will be giving out a limited amount of funding (min $2,500 max $140,000) to research groups/and or individuals who can demonstrate that they will be making a difference in the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cardiovascular health research community.

To be considered for funding an Expression of Interest will be required in which the following criteria must be met:

  • Heart Foundation funding is beneficial to Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people/communities with preferably long and short-term benefits
  • Be involved in cardiovascular research or wanting to become involved in cardiovascular research
  • The award must be used in Australia
  • Expressions of Interest form must be completed by 29 March 2019

For more information go to this page.