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    Location: Victoria University City Convention Centre, Melbourne

    Strategies to proactively boost and measure student centricity

    Though crucial to long term competitive advantage, transitioning to a truly student centric institution is a formidable undertaking. Collaborating and learning from the success and failures of others across the sector is key to continuous improvement.

    The 4th Annual Enhancing Student Experience conference will focus on how institutions can evolve to enhance the student experience across the student lifecycle. By combining the nitty gritty of lessons learned with case studies of best practice and innovation, this conference is an ideal opportunity to think outside the box, network and drive change.

    Hear insight on key issues including:

    • Effectively engaging with a diverse student demographic
    • Embedding a student centred culture
    • Measuring the impacts of experience initiatives
    • Embracing digital technologies to measure & enhance student experience
    • Prepare for changing expectations of the finance role

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