16 Feb

The Call For Papers is now open for NIRAKN’s 2018 International Conference, “(En)gendering Colonisation in the Pacific: Indigenous Masculinities, Identities and Genders”, November 1-2 2018 in Queensland, Australia.

Over the past decade Indigenous scholars have turned their attention to researching the impact of colonisation on the contemporary formation of Indigenous Masculinities in New Zealand, Canada, the USA and Hawaii. NIRAKN presents the first Indigenous convened conference on Indigenous masculinities, identities and genders in Australia in order to introduce and engage the work of these International Indigenous scholars.

We invite papers from cultural studies, postcolonial studies, history, gender studies, queer studies, native studies, Indigenous studies and activist interventions. Please click here to view our informational flyer.

Please email us at nirakn@qut.edu.au to submit a paper or for more information.