1. Establish a quality program of capacity building initiatives to form a skilled and qualified research community by support aspiring, postgraduate, and early- to mid-career Indigenous researchers.

2. Establish a regenerative undergraduate to postgraduate pipeline of new researchers, across institutions, the nation, and fields of critical research importance.

3. Connect Indigenous researchers across disciplines, nationally and internationally, to develop a culturally supportive and inclusive research environment which enables the cross-fertilization of ideas and a platform for new Indigenous multidisciplinary research.

4. Develop an ongoing integrated research program of collaborations with the Australian Research Council and National Health and Medical Research Council, government, industry, community and philanthropic grant funding.

5. Achieve national and international recognition as a leading network of Australian Indigenous research expertise, knowledge, and innovation.

6. Initiate the Indigenous research agenda by applying Indigenous knowledges and expertise to multidisciplinary collaborative projects of pressing research. These are needed to inform community and government policy and program delivery.