NIRAKN formed strategic alliances with five community, national and international Partner Organisations to support future collaborations and long term alliances for the benefit of our communities.  Partner Organisations are directly involved in the research activities and governance of the Network.

Our partner organisations collaborate directly or indirectly with Indigenous communities on matters affecting research and policy.  The principal aims of Partner Organisations’ participation in NIRAKN include:

  • facilitating access by partners to NIRAKN’s research program and expertise;
  • building capacity among Indigenous researchers through strategies such as hosting research residencies, internships, and visiting fellow exchange programs;
  • facilitating Indigenous knowledges exchange;
  • facilitating access to research training/mentoring and provision of professional development for community researchers and PhD students; and
  • involving partner organisations and their staff in NIRAKN’s research capacity building program, as well as in developing and participating directly in research collaborations with Indigenous communities.