The NIRAKN Management Committee provides strategic direction for the Network and is comprised of the Director and the State Hub Leaders.

Management Committee is responsible for:

  • Implementing the strategic management plan;
  • Developing and delivering NIRAKN’s annual research capacity building program;
  • Advising the Director on resource allocations and budgets including internal research grants;
  • Contributing to and assisting with meeting the reporting compliances of the ARC through the mid-year, audited and annual reports;
  • Monitoring the effective conduct of research training in accordance with relevant university graduate capabilities and NIRAKN’s research program;
  • Promoting the collaboration and coordination of NIRAKN’s research program and capacity building activities;
  • Providing a mechanism to ensure that NIRAKN is attuned to professional and community trends by considering and where possible taking action on the advice of NIRAKN’s Advisory Committee to identify needs, priorities and opportunities in research;
  • Providing invaluable networking opportunities to benefit NIRAKN members through the establishment and maintenance of strong professional and industry connections;
  • Providing an advocacy group to assist NIRAKN in its engagement activities’;
  • Planning and actively promoting NIRAKN’s presence and activities.


Management Committee Members