The National Indigenous Research and Knowledges Network (NIRAKN) is a national, inclusive, multidisciplinary hub and spokes model network of Indigenous researchers at various stages of their careers.

NIRAKN members represent over fifty Aboriginal nations, as well as twenty-one collaborating universities and partner organisations. The network is led by Indigenous senior scholars with strong research track records who bring extensive experience in collaborative and community-based research.

NIRAKN provides a platform for cross-institutional and multidisciplinary research designed to build the capacity of qualified Indigenous researchers to meet the compelling research needs of our communities.  NIRAKN seeks to work strategically with our international, national and community based partner organisations to ensure NIRAKN’s multidisciplinary research and capacity building program benefits our communities.

NIRAKN’s Research Capacity Building Program mentors, trains, supports and engages new and emerging researchers across disciplines and institutions through skills, information and knowledge transfer. NIRAKN provides opportunities for the application of those skills within multi-disciplinary, cross-institutional research collaborations.

NIRAKN Annual Report

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